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A tenant may terminate a tenancy by giving notice if, because of domestic violence, the tenant believes that his or her own safety, that of a dependent child of the tenant or of a protected adult who lives with the tenant is at risk if the tenancy continues.

To terminate a tenancy, the tenant shall serve the landlord with a notice at least 28 days before the day that the tenancy is to terminate, and a certificate in the prescribed form signed by the designated authority confirming that there are grounds for terminating the tenancy. A notice to terminate under this section must be in writing, be signed by the tenant, set out the termination date, and be given no later than 90 days after the date on which the certificate is issued. If notice to terminate a tenancy is given under this section, the tenant shall be responsible for payment of rent only for the period of notice provided and any rent payable during the relevant rent payment period or periods shall be prorated if necessary. The tenant shall not be subject to any penalty under the residential tenancy agreement that would be due only because of early termination of the agreement. And on the request of the tenant, the landlord shall apply a security deposit paid in respect of the residential premises in payment of the rent during the notice period provided.



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