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Gather your paperwork: Refer to the Quick Links Page on our website for a list of financial documents. To keep things discreet, you may make copies of these papers. List all your monthly expenses, debts, and income. Create a budget of your expenses when you leave. Refer to the Quick Links Page on our website for our Monthly Budget of Expenses form.

  • Write down the background, history, your story, and main events throughout your relationship, with dates. This will help you tell us your story smoothly and getting great value for your initial consult;

  • Create a budget for the services you may need. Consider whether you need some start-up money;

  • Speak to a lawyer when you are calm, organized, and know what legal questions you need answered. Use our Family Law Questionnaire as a guide;

  • Ask us about costs, and about how much of the negotiations and paperwork you can do yourself. If you and your ex can talk to each other about next steps, without getting angry, you may be able to save your lawyer’s time and your money; and

  • Don’t EVER walk out without a PLAN.



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